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Creative Character Workshop


What are your character’s 3 greatest fears?

Angel has many deep dark fears that stim all the way back to her high school years that propel her forward for te rest of her life.

  1. Her Mother, even though her mother died when she was in college the abuse she went through her whole life comes rushing back all the time and end up leading her to breaking down.
  2. Tobias Coates, it turns out he is a terrible villian and he took his hate out on her with  molestation and rape until the wrong person happened to hear it over a phone call.
  3. Halex is her biggest fear, she lost him once, and then a second time and hes starting to worry abouther safety if they do get married and disappears on her.

What are his/her 3 strongest paint points? (What is so painful physically, mentally or emotionally that they need to change it?)

  1. her being ignored and treated like she was invisible.
  2. Outgrowing her abuse in her life.
  3. finding she is good enough.

What are his/her top 3 deepest, darkest desires?

  1. Having Halex as hers for her whole life.
  2. Fitting in with people.
  3. just being brave shes always been very shy.

Hidden Vulnerabilities | Character Deep Dive Workshop | © 2017 Debbie Burns, LLC | 2 What are his/her top 3 deepest, darkest desires?

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