I am currently working on finishing the second draft to Until I Met You and Freedom's Harsh Whisper both are 25 chapters, so far. Until I Met You is at 49,000 words and still has 3-4 2,000-word chapters. Freedom's Harsh Whisper is more a short story.

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Freedom’s Harsh Whisper is about Karl Urban fleeng seperation and Hollywood to find other things. He loves acting, his fans, and his kids but he was unhapy with Into Darkness and he fled to Tucson, Arizona where he and his rescue pittbull Khan found the perfect home to open a 25 dog rescue for pitties and befriending Lena and Steph through a job want ad he found an instant connection with Steph. From the begining he was drawn to her and her kindness. Together they step into the future and a life.



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