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Anah Rose is a thirty something writer of fantasy and real time affairs.  She has lived all over the state of Arizona bouncing between divorced parents that locked her into her only freedom, her worlds on paper. It was really until an 8th grade teacher realized the promise she had in her world of writing that she was pushed to find higher vocabulary and words, discovering the Thesaurus as a help guide and helping her be the best she could be in a world that was imploding on a little girl stuck between harsh school mates and a nuclear family that she couldn’t get out from under.

Though her early stories are lost in all the moving between parents she was soon enough set free after a move o get away from bullying and abuse only to find herself ignored and eventually back to being bullied that her Junior and Senior English teachers witnessed her coming of age in what she wrote while she was spiraling down for reasons she had no idea about.  No one know what was going on except the school had an idea and tried to pressure the family into counseling in which her father told her to quit playing around here was nothing wrong with her.  But there was and let to three suicide attempts that parents had no clue of or cared.  She graduated and ran away only to return when she hit bottom, pregnant with a baby she loved with all her heart, and once again she started writing about the beauty of childbirth and mother hood.  But in a very dangerous relationship she ran and came back to the uncaring father only to find she was pregnant again and the writing started again, she was in the middle of a mental break and had been wrongly diagnosed with Bi-polar Syndrome.  Several years later after melting down and under alot of pressure from her father and step mother she was put out on her own to raise her kids, work and pay the bills with little to no help and within a year had her bigest mental breakdown.

Schizoeffective disorder coursed through her veins, hallucinations, melt downs, hysteria, long periods of nothing but sleep and she started her Alice in Wonderland world, she lost both her children, unable to see them till 18.  She was a survivor of cutting and overdosing.  What friends she had turned on her with no understanding by all but two friends and they encouraged her to write in and out of the hospital and suffered a third most terrifying break while in the hospital visiting a friend and nearly died.

She’s writing again and it helps her through many tings, short stories, long stories, beginings to books.  Now she just needs the encouragement to finish them and let the world see that she is okay.  So while we’re here lets show the world She can be good.  That we love her!



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