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Anamir lived for her mother who in turn had lived for her.  She knew nothing about brothers or a ather who in turn begrudgingly taes her in when her mother dies.

Denethor wanted her dead and faramir and boromir secret her out of minis tirith and guide her to rohan and the third marshall of the riddermark.  Éomer and Éowyn befriend her for a time until she moves on.

She was caught my Lothlorien’s marchwarden and his Angels of Mercy.  Haldir was tied in knots by this frail woman with a secret.  Orophin wanted her killed for tresspassing into lothlorien.  Rumil loved her brilliance and hope.

Together the four bond.  Haldir as her husband and thetwins as her friends. As a halfelf she is excepted by her no longer hidden ear tips.

Set in the movie universe she follows Haldir to helms deep with her own secret.  She’s pregnant.


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