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Musing Monday is a weekly meme but on by www.thepurplebooker.com .

And I now present to you her week’s random question:

“THIS WEEK’S RANDOM QUESTION:  What do you think about books being made into movies or TV Shows and do you always read the book first?”


I personally don’t mind movie and tv adaptations.  It’s the poetic licence taken I.e.) anne prices queen of the damned failure after the removal of Anne rice being part of the process.

I do like what hob, Showtime, and start does with their book seasons 10-12 episodes per book. Kept highly to the novels until an author has a thought stroke and trashes out her book series just to ‘ve done with it (coughtruebloodcough).  But starz is keeping abandon close with the outlandish series. Many seasons to go.  Even bbc/pbs is doing exemplary work with Poldark.

Movies are harder. Not all movie companies are willing to take three movies for a book. The hobbit, Lord of the rings   or Warner brothers and the world of Harry potter!  Then there are ok hole filled movies like eragon, I love it but barely keeps claw marks hit and miss through out the book.

I always try to read a book first but if I don’t manage I read it after to fill in holes.


Girls night Tuesdays we try to see movies.



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