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Angel, Halex, Rain, Kirill, & Mikhail are back. It’s 1 year later and life is changing rapidly in the Adler house.  Alex is a year-old and Angel is suffering from super painful headaches and not telling Halex.  Rain gets them back to Tucson from Dubai just in time to save Angel’s life and then they go through much together but Angel can’t get over the feeling that Halex is hiding something.  When he is away in Phoenix with business Angel takes Alex and flees back to Chicago where Georgia comes to her aid.

Trying for 50,000 words in 30 days.  Even if I don’t make it I want to finish the book by new years.  I know my strengths I know my weaknesses.

The chiming of midnight begins the writing.  Got my thesaurus and dictionary close.  Let’s go!


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